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Originally Posted by Fudman
Your original post indicated you did the direct replacement of the woofer and the tweeter, leaving the mid and using the original amp but you were disappointed with the bass cutoff. Did you check to see if your phasing was correct? Loss of bass is a classic out of phase symptom. I can't imagine the new speakers being not obviously better than the OEM.
Yes Fudman. They were out of phase so I switched polarity and they definitely out perform the OEM speakers (sounds much better).

I originally thought the OEM tweeter was 2 ohm vs 8 ohm. Being 8 ohms explains the louder 4 ohm tweeter replacement.

If you fade 100% to the front you can hear the narrow frequency range being delivered to the mid-bass from the OEM amp. Although the sound has improved I am curios to see what the new speakers can do without the OEM restrictions.

The four speaker set came with two crossovers (one for each left/right channel). I want to hear how the speakers were designed to sound. Albeit some noise may be introduced due to the line level input vs low level .

If the overall quality noticeably improves, or not I'll post it here. The amps run as low as $40 on Amazon with free shipping and have built in crossovers. You have to pay a little more for a high signal to noise ratio/sensitivity.

I like to hear every musical note in a song without paying $1000 to do so. Since I don't need to rattle my neighbors windows I can get quality at relatively low cost. Quality at ear damaging levels is where the cost sky rockets but I'm sure you know all of this.

I am also keeping an eye on how much additional weight I introduce to the car. I don't just consider upfront cost. I also consider how much additional MPG I may lose due to additional weight which is a direct cost of the component for years to come.

I understand why BMW used so much plastic. Yet the plastic they use seems to last over 80k at a minimum on most parts. Not bad for plastic components under so much tension, vibration, and temperature variation.


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