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Originally Posted by AutoUnion View Post
Here's my two cents from actually owning a Q7 and driving the rest of them many times

I love the quotes from CR.

I never talked about how good they are to drive. There is only one other better driving SUV on the market and that's the Cayenne. It's significantly more expensive though. It's been shown in almost every magazine that the Cayenne is possibly the best to drive SUV out there. Not the X5.

As someone who's actually owned a Q7, among other VAG products, I can tell you that the Q7 is a better built car any day. The sheet metal is thicker, the interior is better finished, carpet is thicker, it's quieter on the highway. But realize, what I'm saying. I never said it is better to drive than the X5 because its not. The BMW's forte is the driving dynamics and superb diesel engine.

I had the Q7 for 4 years and had zero issues with it, just like almost everyone over on Quattroworld and Audiworld. (Two forums I frequent, even now).

What's funny is that I frequent Audi, VW, Porsche, and BMW forums and us, X5 owners, seem to be having exponentially more issues with our cars than the VAG "ugly" sister owners.

There was even that eco friendly Motor Trend SUV where the X5d placed last and the Treg TDI placed first.

Before anyone starts spewing out crap about me being a VAG fanboy, here's my review of my old Q7 and my current X5d
Audi is probably offering more universally appealing design right now, and many agree that their interiors are better designed - aesthetically - than BMWs. The quality of the materials seems to be about equal between them, to my eyes.

I've owned two Audis and two BMWs - unfortunately, Audi reliability beyond 50,000 miles has been much worse than my BMWs at the same age. You may not have gone that far with your Q7.
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