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Matt, appreciate your suggesiton, feel free to provide more..

After more analysis
The monthly payment on 35d and 50i are almost the same, with diesel being $6 more/month. I posted the details in the other thread on lease. Assuming, I can find a dealer to agree - that's critical!!

Fuel costs: with 12k/yr, MPG of 17 vs 25, fuel price of 3.87 vs 4.1, 50i will cost $65/month more or $2200 over the duration of lease. The difference does get my attention, but I am fine either way.

Frequency of fillups should be about a week vs 1.5 for the two. Availability of diesel - I need to research more about my area.

Fun to drive: this time around (in contrast to 5 yrs ago), I am so much certain about responsiveness, that both vehicles would be great. 50i will likely be intoxicating! Furthermore, sound of engine wasn't an important aspect for me, but now that I have heard on youtube and read more about it, the growl of V8 is cool!

Maintainence: Since I am leasing, shouldn't matter

Is there any other important criteria that I am missing?

Originally Posted by Matt_UKTX View Post

If you want my two cents, I would absolutely go with the diesel in the X5. There is a reason they are so popular... V8-like performance with 4-cylinder fuel economy. Having all that torque available at 1750 RPM is addictive. Plus, when looking at a lease, the X5 35d is by far the most attractive due to the additional $2500 eco-credit.

IMO, one of the major advantages the X5 has over the competition is the fact that it's even available in a diesel. Only Audi, VW and MB can offer the same.

Being able to get 26+ MPG and have 600+ miles between fill ups is also fantastic.

Some of the naysayers will steer you away from the diesel by saying it's noisy, its smelly, etc. The reality is that most people would never know the car is a diesel unless you told them. Also, diesel is availble nearly everywhere now, so that should not be an issue.

With all that said, if you are completely adamant and set against the diesel, I say screw gas prices and go b*lls to the wall with the V8.

Good luck!
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