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^^^^ This explains exactly what happened in my case. The DEALER told me they could do nothing for me because I was looking for my VIN to match the recall, but BMWUSA is the one that indicated that there is an extended warranty specifically for this problem with the airbag light and that it would be covered REGARDLESS of the VIN matching the recall.

crenninger - the problem/symptom is that there is a little red light in the instrument cluster that looks like an airbag is deployed along with a yellow light above your head that says "Passenger Airbag OFF". So in the event of an accident the passenger airbag would not deploy. There is a sensor under the passenger seat that is basically there so that if a person that does not weigh a certain amount, like a child for example, is sitting there the bag will not deploy because it has been known to cause problems for smaller individuals. However, since the sensor becomes defective, the system defaults to Airbag Off mode and therefore you never have an airbag regardless of who is in the passenger seat.
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