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Originally Posted by wbrproductions View Post
Projects, I did the compression check and confirmed the weird results: all were between 60 and 120 psi, which I assume is way to low. Is this the fitting I need to unhook then blow air into (pic below)? So I need to rig up a banjo fitting to an air hose to get some good air pressure in there, correct?

couldn't see the pics. don't know what other tests u've done. For your result, i'm 90% suspect vanos seized. decent compression should be >150psi while vanos disabled.

for blow pressure air into vanos, you'll need some thing like this: or like this

I made one from old banjo fitting without spend a penny. while blow air into vanos, u'll need activate soleniod intermitent by using jump wire to battery power, do intake side first, then exaust side. after u done this job then try to start engine, it may not start due to too much fuel in cylinder, try keep crank about 10 second.

For fuel system check, if before and after change spark plugs, they were wet, then, either pump or injector was working. leave plugs out for a night will help for better start. your fuel system should be about 50psi, you can use fuel pressue guage test it or just press the schrader valve(fuel system service valve), if fuel shot out, then fuel pump will be ok. u don't need crank, just key on engine off.

you may need check spark as well. but anyway, you can just tried to free vanos first.

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