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-__- Still Having an issue

Hey all!
Im in need of some quick advice, please!
I did exactly what was said above and ordered the recommended pump. I ordered the pump online at ( and even the grommet for a couple extra pesos. The thing of it is Im not 100% sure that this actually did anything at all.

**QUICK NOTE** When I was disassembling I noticed that that my car has actually 2 different pumps and i cannot find a DYI in regards to the 2 pumps. When pulling the lever I can hear the one that I DID NOT replace running but the one that I DID fix is still not making any noises.

I went back and rechecked everything over again and Im all plugged in. The actual new part did not click in as smooth and I had force it in (if that makes a difference) I did however look at both sensor and pumps and noticed that they did look almost exactly alike before clipping them in.

Initially, I did have a leaking problem and no water was being jetted from the tank onto my windows. My sensor in my car kept going off and hopefully now it will not leak anymore after replacing the grommet. I just changed it a little while ago and added some water to it so lets see if the leaking stops, I should know by tomorrow.

What is this extra pump? and Why is my new pump not making any noise? Could it be the actual sensor plug? Any advice would be more than helpful Help this lady out! lol
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