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Run-flats are just like normal tires in that some run-flats have stiffer sidewalls than others.

When you think a ride is harsh due to the tire it relates directly to sidewall stiffness. The problem with giving away stiffness is that you lose performance.

If BMW uses different tires on a Luxury versus a Sport model one of the tire criteria is sidewall stiffness the Luxury will have less stiffness than the Sport model.

Changing tires on a car can dramatically change the way you perceive the ride quality, obviously.

Side wall height also plays a role. The more sidewall the more "options" you have for stiffness. You can only unstiffen a small sidewall so much.

Trying to group run-flats together as one type with a specific set of characteristics isn't going to get you far. You can only say that on average they have stiffer sidewalls due to design. However you can get some pretty stiff non run-flat tires.
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