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Hi to everybody. Have been reading this forum for some time now, very good place, so much information and answers.

Couple of weeks ago I noticed on my 2004 X5 the panoramic sunroof is not functioning smoothly, when it goes to ventilation position. First (bigger) glass was like "popping" up from the 0 position, as there is some vacuum between the glass and rubber. Between two glasses should be a softening strip, which is visible only when you slide back the sunroof. In my car this softening had came off and is just hanging near the point, where it should be. I went to my local dealer and pointed the problem. They took the car in, said they took the glasses off, lubricated and adjusted the system, so everything should work perfectly now. When I got the car back, this softening strip was still hanging there and my sunroof did not go smoothly to a vent position - the problem remained. So the next day I went back, they looked and said nothing wrong with the sunroof, this softening I mentioned is not necessary and no worries, the sunroof is working just fine. So okay I left the dealer.

Now, a two weeks later, guess what. My sunroof is not coming down from the ventilation position. I actually used it two times after visiting my dealer. Drivers side rear corner is not functioning anymore, up it goes but not down. I managed to allmost close it manually with the special tool, maybe 3 mm (0,12 inches) still up. Today I showed this to my stealer They took the car, gave it back in 20 minutes and said they closed the sunroof completely, but the system is faulty and not usable. Actually what they did was exactly the same thing I did - manually closed the sunroof and still it is not fully closed. This means when I go to a carwash my bmw will become an aquarium.

From my opinion, I saw the small problem, tried to prevent huge problem and after reacting - huge problem already knocked on my door. Of course they are not taking any responsibility and now they are saying this is a very common problem and not avoidable.

I have two questions:
1) How can I fully close the sunroof? Do I have to take both glasses off or all the system with headliner must be removed?
2) What do you think, could be this softening strip removal and the rear glass fault related to each other or is it just a coincidence?

Thank you very much for any info you can provide.

PS! Sorry for my English, it is not so good, but hopefully you all can understand. I made some pictures regarding the softening strip also, if just anyone could help to load these somewhere...
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