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Sorry to hear this -- especially since the frequency of this problem seems to be creeping forward as each model year ages, and I also own a 2007... I'm sure I would be equally unhappy as you are if this happened to me, since I also enjoy opening the panorama roof on my X3 when the weather is conducive.

But I am curious if there's a correlation between the failure of the roof mechanism and the amount of 'upkeep maintenance' that owners perform. My question is not an indictment of you; but how often do folks inspect the roof mechanism for debris and possible wear, and lubricate it? The only seemingly-recommended lubricant that I can find for this application is a MINI part number (83 22 0 397 761, "Kluberplex adhesive grease") -- which I'm willing to bet is basically lithium grease; I don't know what the corresponding BMW part number is, but I'll also bet it comes in the same can...

Anyway, I'm postulating that these roof mechanisms may be failing due to (and please pardon the term) neglect by owners. In fairness to owners, BMW doesn't provide any guidance about how frequently these complicated roof mechanisms need periodic 'upkeep maintenance' (i.e., inspection and lubrication), or even where the lubrication points actually are. In fact, when I inquired about whether BMW would lubricate the roof mechanism as part of their Free Maintenance Plan, I was essentially told "no," although I managed to get them to do mine this past July when I complained about a squeak associated with roof operation.

So I'm curious: does anyone take it upon themselves to lubricate these roof mechanisms, and if so, have you experienced any problems/failures...?

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