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Originally Posted by bdunn View Post
... May want to consider that infreaquent use could also result in failure. Window seals can almost adhear to windows if not used used for long periods of time. The extra pressure caused by a stuck panel could result in additioanl stress on the mechanism. I wipe down the rubber seals with protectant a couple times a year to keep the rubber plyable and from drying out...
That's a good point as well. When cleaning the cassette gutters/drains, I also wipe around the seals and the edges of the roof panels with the rag (which I rinse out as necessary, so I'm not just moving dirt around).

Originally Posted by bdunn View Post
... I will also spray the gear tracks and any other parts that look like they may need lubrication with a silicone based lubricant once or twice a year. I use that because it's non staining and has good water resistance. Don't know if that's the right stuff to use, but so far so good...
Originally Posted by spokelizard View Post
My indie mechanic (who I stopped using for reasons unrelated to the sunroof) lubed it. When I asked what he was using, it turns out it was vaseline...
I don't know if either of those products are good, bad, or indifferent. But I do know that when dealing with plastic components, you've got to take care not to use lubricants that will react with the plastic. My plan is to try to get some of that Kluberplex adhesive grease that MINI (which is BMW, after all) calls out, and use it. My main question is: where do I apply it...?

Originally Posted by swapsafari View Post
Sorry to sound dumb here but does indie/indi mechanic means "Independent Mechanic...?"
That's it exactly!

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