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Originally Posted by colson79 View Post
I have BMW apps as well and I haven't purchased the snapin adapter yet. I'd really like to use it but I find it completely outrageous that a plastic adapter cost more that I paid for the Iphone 4.
Having used my iPhone with both the cradle and just Bluetooth, I can honestly say that using a working cradle is my preferd solution.

The cost of not one but two cradles is another matter altogether - hence my frustration with BMW. However, as all of these electrical faults I have suffered appear to be as a result of poor design and/or workmanship, then it is incumbent upon BMW to fix them under warranty.

How one would fare if a fault became apparent if one had not used an OME cradle, I fear to contemplate. In truth, in my case, I might never have discovered the production faults until it was too late to claim for repaires under warranty.

You might like to at least try a compatable cradle to confirm that your car does not suffer from the same faults as mine? Good luck.
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