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Originally Posted by BlackStarMiG View Post
ok its made that sound since i bought the car in February but it wasn't this bad it happens when I accelerate from a stop and when high rpm shifts are made. at first i thought it was the normal m3 diff clunk but eventually it got to the point where when i made high rpm shifts or accelerated fast it felt light someone was hitting the underbody of my car with a hammer ( a big hammer) now im just afraid of driving hard or even gong any higher than S1 on my SMG its been like this for a while and this morning i decided to check if it was the rear diff bushings so i lifted the back end and tried ti see if the diff had any movement and it turns out they are still good there wasn't any movement with the diff also the subframe bushings are good as well and so is the Guibi or whatever u call it the rubber spacer between the driveshaft and the Diff. so i guess my question is:

1. Where else is the sound coming from it feels like mid to rear clunk.

2. Could it be the Driveshaft center support?

3. i need to fix this please help

I get the exact thing on mine under hard acceleration. If I lift my foot off the pedal when it shifts, it doesn't do it.

I had my car looked at in a dealership and they found that the shafts were loose in the diff. Everything else is still very solid. (bushings in front and behind the diff, tower mounts, subframe, etc.) My problem is the diff and shafts. That, at the dealership is a $5000 repair.
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