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Trim Levels, Options and Packages

More comes standard on the F20 than the car it replaced. Not bad since the F20 retail price is a little lower.

Comfort Go (keyless start) is standard on all trim levels. Full Comfort Access is a 310 option. All trim levels also include a 'Drive Performance Control' with Economy, Comfort and Sport settings.

iDrive and a 6.5" display is included with SE, Sport and Urban trims. So is 6NH Bluetooth and USB audio.

Sport and Urban are primarily appearance trims with their own upholstery and interior trim choices. Urban is downright ugly with its white grill, odd looking half leather seats and white acrylic dash trim.

Sport is better, black with grey or black with red. Sport includes sport seats and decent looking rims too. Dash trim is brushed aluminum or high gloss black. If you want wood dash trim, SE is the only choice.

Option packages are annoying. For example cruise control is only available as part of a 500 package that includes unneeded options like Park Distance Control.

Navigation is in a 1,550 package with Assist and Voice Control. The price is too high as the car already has iDrive and the display.

Perhaps the most interesting option is 8TH, speed limit info. 8TH uses a forward looking camera along with the navigation database to provide real time speed limit display on the dash. The camera is suppose to catch temporary and variable limit signs. 8TH is sure to be on the F30 3 series too.


iDrive continues to improve. My favorite feature was the iDrive version of the owner's handbook. From the top level menu, I was able to find the diagram for somewhat confusing but highly adjustable manual sport seats. The F20 is the first BMW where I'd actually consider getting iDrive.

I Drove
Tested -- 116i 5 Door Sport. Sun Protection Pack was only option.

First thing I did was spend 5 minutes fiddling with the seat. The manual Sport seats have 5 or 6 levers. It takes a while to figure out what moves what. I never did get the seat adjusted to my liking.
The salesman had the fob in his pocket, so all I had to do was push the start button. Did I mention that keyless start is standard on all models? The new motor does not sound like a MINI even though it is based on the shared PSA/BMW MINI engine. Doesn't exactly sound or feel like a BMW either.
The clutch has a short travel compared to other BMWs we've driven. Shifter feel is typical BMW. As always a short shifter would help.
First gear is very low. Coupled to decent amount of low end torque the low gear makes the car very easy to drive in traffic. Still, 1st is stupid low. Unless you want to play find the rev limiter, you are out of 1st gear before you are halfway across an intersection. The lower gears are widely spaced. To get smooth shifts, I had to wait a bit for the engine to slow down to match the next gear. I doubt too many people will want to autocross a 116i, but I expect those that do will complain about the gearing.
The 116i is faster than our MINI Cooper. Not as fast as a Cooper S. Quick enough for here, but most Americans will want more.
Ride is comfortable and significantly smoother than the MINI -- This is in a Sport with 17" 45 Series tires.

3 minutes into the test drive, I didn't know where to put my left foot. I had a heck of a time finding the dead pedal. I think what has happened is they've moved the front passengers forward a few inches. That makes the tunnel wider and in a RHD car, that leaves less room on the left side. Wouldn't be a problem in an Automatic or in a LHD car. Eventually I figured out what to do with my foot but I never got comfortable. I need more time to play with seat adjustments before I know if this is something I can live with or a fatal flaw.

The car seems to handle reasonably well but as always a dealer test drive doesn't give a chance to get anywhere close to the car's limits.

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