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Originally Posted by Stuka View Post
I think there are a lot of fanbois here who have yet to experience a big repair bill for the M5.

Don't get me wrong, I have a 2003, and I love my M5.

But if your margin is so tight that you can only budget 1200 bucks a year for maintenance, this aint the car for you.

Do you know how much it cost if your VANOS goes?

Or how about the regular problems of the S62, crank position sensor, cam position sensor, valve cover gasket, fuel sending unit, leaky powersteering hoses, crappy butter soft rear sway links, or even the POS central locking? If you are not handy, can you handle the bills?

And what if your 2003 M5 with 40K miles engine granaded because the VANOS guide went while you were driving? Can you afford to get a used crate motor or have it rebuilt? It is sinificantly cheaper if this were to happen on a pedestrian engine like those in the regular E46.

Let's not even talk about the parts cost for brakes or Michelin Pilot Sport 2.

Just because it now costs 20 some odd K to buy one, it doesn't mean it no longer requires parts for a 75K car.
Wow. You called it well. I just bought a 2002 M5 with 49k miles on it. It had just had the valve cover gaskets replaced. I took it in to have the annoying seat rail blocks removed (what's with that anyway? Why build it properly and then cut off the last bit of the rail?) I was told the power steering hoses and reservoir were leaking, the left rear sway bar was broken, and both rear upper control arms needed replacing. All this for a car that 2,000 miles before had been completely serviced and none of these problems had been identified. Now, I am just waiting for all the other things you mentioned to need replacement.

How common is the VANOS failure you mentioned?

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