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Originally Posted by AzNMpower32 View Post
The Speed limit and sign-recognition camera has been around on BMWs for quite a few years, debuting with the F01 7er a few years back and finding its way onto most higher-end BMWs.

Didn't know that. I don't pay much attention to the 7er. Didn't realise sign recognition was available on the Astra. I have looked at an Astra. Base price on an Astra SRi is over 20,000 and an SE is 21,200 before options. The new Astra is a nice car but for 20K+ I'd rather have the F20. (GM has a more reasonable price for Navigation but I doubt we'd get it on either car)

Is the US Spec F30 on the website yet? That would answer the 8TH question.

I've finally worked my way through the brochure, price and order guide and the ETK for the F20.

The German first aid kit and warning triangle are now included in the base car. They used to be a dealer added option or something you bought at the parts counter before going to Germany. Both are under the boot floor next to the battery. The F20 has no spare tire, just a mobility kit or optional RFTs.

Many of the options from the 6 and 7 have trickled down. Reverse Camera, Lane Departure, Parking Assistant (why?), some of the silly internet connectivity.

Specing all of the above, the required option Packages, DAB and the better speakers gets you a 28,345 116i with unheated cloth seats. Add in a sunroof and leather and the car is 30k

One of the more interesting items I found in the ETK is the WiFi hotspot snap-in. I'm sure this has been available in the 6 and 7 for awhile. It uses the car's antenna and your GSM SIM to provide a local WiFi and BlueTooth internet connection. Not for everyone but potentially very useful for a few.

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