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CCA membership required for 2012 autocross

If I may, I've hatched a few underdeveloped ideas about how to overcome the CCA membership requirement for 2012 autocrosses.

The Group Buy
Most forum guys aren't track guys. Most track guys lurk on the forums and don't post. Both sets of drivers use the forums. This idea is aimed at turning the guy who's accustomed to the forum marketplace and mentality.
The idea behind a group buy is: the more buyers a seller can guarantee the cheaper price for all buyers. What if we had a scenario organized on a discrete forum where for every 2 drivers that register for a 2012 event, all buyers in that group buy get $5 off admission. If entry is usually $65, 2 drivers in the group buy receive $5 cash back at the registration table day of. 4 drivers, they get $10 back. 8 drivers, they get $20 back.
Hopefully the program would generate momentum where forum posters peer pressure their buddies into doing something they already want to do. The more of their buddies that they peer pressure, the more fun and better price for everyone.

Bundle Purchase
If a driver were to purchase X number of events in advance, at the registration table on that Xth event, the driver would receive cash or check of some value. Maybe that would be the cost of a CCA membership? Or, we'd rebate them 83% of their membership fee. (2 twenty dollar bills)

The One Time New Member Coupon
With the monthly LA Chapter email and newsletter, we advertise that any new membership purchased in the month of X, that member will be entitled to 50% off admission to the next autocross. This wouldn't need to be limited to a specific duration of time. It could be an ongoing thing.

The Theme Discount
If there will be 5 autocrosses in 2012, each event will have a discount related to vehicle registered.
The post-bangle sedan event would be F30, F10, E90/91, E60.
The post-bangle coupe event would be E82, F12/13, E63/64, E92/93.
There would be a combined E46 and E36 event.
A minis, Z cars, X cars and all other bimmers event.
And a non BMW class event.
Any car meeting the event discount requirement would receive some dollar value rebate at registration day of. The idea here is to encourage the guy that has a v10 E60 M5 to join us in hopes that he'll be among more of the same car. Also for guy that has an e30 and an e90, he'll save some amount of dollars on registration if he takes one car or the other.

Logistically, I think the autocross program should ask the chapter to cover any discounts/rebates. Or, if the AX program can afford it, the program can cover the rebates. What I've seen in SD is the AX program is a big reason for new members. Surely the LA chapter wants to grow. Hopefully its viewed as win-win.

If an idea works to the point of upping event attendance, it should stay inplace until events consistently fill. When events don't need gimmicks to fill up, there's no longer a need and it could be phased out.

We don't yet know if we need to provide any discounts/rebates. We also don't know what percentage of paid autocross drivers are CCA members?

Drivers have many options of where to drive and with who. Have we defined what the LA BMW CCA autocross program offers that differentiates us from the other options? Is it what the consumer wants? Are we meeting our goals?

The challenge that we're facing in 2012 is, how do we persuade a driver to become a member. Thoughts?
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