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Originally Posted by AzNMpower32 View Post
Then again, I like the Astra and Golf a lot as well. Clearly, spoiled for choice in Europe when it comes to frugal and fun hatchbacks.
That is one of the advantages of living over here.

I want to look at the A3 as well as the current Golf. All of these cars are about the same price as an F20. So is the MINI Clubman. The F20 is an easy win against the Clubman.

Skoda has a car that is more or less a Hatchback version of the old Jetta. Debbie doesn't like it.

Peogeot and Citroen have hatchbacks that use the engine shared with the F20 and MINI. Citroen DS 3 is the most interesting. A DS-3 is about 5K less than a F20/A3/Golf. The DS 3 is good car to be a passenger in and can be had with some wild styling. The standard DS-3 isn't a driver's car though.

I haven't looked at the hatches from Seat, Fiat, Alfa Romeo, or Lancia. Might look at Alfa for fun next time we are in England.

Subaru sell mostly the same cars as they do in the US. We liked them in the US, but 1.36/litre petrol means we don't want one here.

There are also Korean and Japanese brands we won't be looking at. Probably won't look at MG but who knows.

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