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Hello! I'll start off by saying I'm not sure this is the place I should post, but I have some feedback about this event that I wanted to share and maybe a suggestion or two. The course was fast and fun, and the organizers really did a good job. Everything was super efficient, we were done by 3 or so.

The amazing thing, to me, was that in all this, the most noticeable problem I was able to see was that course workers were not really doing what they were supposed to. This is a pet peeve of mine and the only defense I can offer them is that it was not entirely clear who was responsible for what. Everyone knew generally where to stand, but the "boundaries" between stations were fuzzy. Maybe the worker chief can have a map on hand? This way he/she can tell the workers exactly what area they are expected to cover - instead of listing a pole to stand by, we can be given a specified range. There will always be a few people who simply won't run after cones. :-/ But "I didn't know I was supposed to cover that area" won't be a valid excuse.

Another kind of nit-picky comment I have is that rather an aggressive stand was taken against those who missed calls to work or run when they were at the skid pad. A few were told in very certain terms that it is their responsibility to keep track of this, and I would normally agree! But when you have an event that is so far ahead of schedule, it becomes a lot less black and white. You give drivers a timeline with designated times for driving, so they start the day with the assumption that they will have x amount of minutes of drift time (and then they allocate time accordingly for changing out wheels/tires, etc). My answer to this is... there is someone manning the drift box, right? Give them a radio and have them give drivers a head's up, just saying red is in grid, or green is working. Making people responsible for this is great in theory, but when you run SUCH a good show that you're that far ahead, sometimes it is hard to keep up with, even in places where we CAN hear the loud-speaker. I LOVE that there is a skid pad, I don't want to see it detract from the event in any way, such as delaying workers. I want it to stay! :-)

Having said that, this event was a blast. Please feel free to move this post if I've misplaced it
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