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Originally Posted by stylinexpat View Post
Everything Google/Android related seems related to spying in one way or another. Whether it be the smartphone its self
Get ready for Apple, sty... and to say Latitude can't be turned off? You've gotta start wondering the author's credibility...

Oh wait, Apple is already doing it!,2817,2384703,00.asp

Both Apple and Google admitted to tracking users' whereabouts for the purpose of providing location-based services and promised to make changes to allow customers to opt out of the tracking more easily.
Originally Posted by stylinexpat View Post
Not defending Google in this case, but if SSID is not hidden, it's no different than putting a sign outside your door saying what SSID you have.

Besides, you're fine with Google driving around taking pictures of the whole street somehow? SSID is sort of invisible, while the objects are not.

Originally Posted by stylinexpat View Post

and for those who use Sprint and Verizon..
This article has nothing related to Google / Android, how does it relate to the post? Besides, have you forgotten at&t?

So what's the conclusion for you, sty? You shouldn't be using wifi; you shouldn't be using smartphones, and you shouldn't use any wireless services

Finally, mark my words - privacy concern on Siri will be raised down the road. It's an AI application, meaning it has to learn from daily interactions with you and store them somewhere. Nothing against clever AI and the learning stuff, but just something to consider when you talk to Siri next time, because it's no different than Google learning how to "enhance" its search result by storing and analyzing your search requests.

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