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Overall I loved the venue. Breakfast and lunch was a great touch and in our opinion totally worth the drive from Ramona, CA to ACS. There was never a shortage of things to do and it was great seeing all types of drivers out there learning. As still a rookie myself with a long road ahead of me, I really enjoyed having all these different instructors. I think I went through 4 different ones and learned different things from each one allowing me to hybridize the information during my practice runs and lay down one clean timed run. I got too excited during the timed and screwed up my first two on a couple of things.

Regarding the venue, I agree with Shadowfax...having a clear delineation of work stations allows for people to be responsible for specific sections of the course without having to worry about other stations. Having more cars for the run group wouldn't really solve possible confusion or one station running after another stations cones. As such, having clear worker stations and having the worker chief spread them out, is the best way to ensure all corners are addressed as much as possible during the run group.

I also wanted to address a question I had when I was driving the course. There were times where I noticed that a cone was down or out of place because the course workers hadn't gotten to them yet or what not. From the venues I'm used to running, a competitor is within their rights to stop and point at the cone signifying a "downed cone" which means that the course is different from official setup. This also entails them get a rerun since the course was not as originally intended. I just drove a little wider through those areas, but it did throw me through a loop the first time having me to alter my driving line. This wasn't a big deal as I went to test a few different driving techniques and learn, but I could see this potentially being an issue for someone that's especially competitive and trying everything in their power to win class/get top time of day/etc.

Thank you BMW Club LA for posting up results hours after the event, and all the volunteers for helping make this event happen: Course designer Jon Lugod, and all the volunteers that laid the course out Saturday and helped with the clean up Sunday
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