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Originally Posted by stylinexpat View Post
Say you have Google Finance application and you have your stocks watch list on there then you need to be logged in for this to take place so if you have such an application then by consenting to use the Google Finance application you have also consented for Google to have a copy of all you do on your smartphone and all that is on your smartphone.
That's how copules argue - the wife take a few words from another person's mouth and make it out of context.

Just because I use google finance doesn't grant google the rights to monitor and spy everything I do on my phone, Android or iOS. Quote me the service agreement from Google to back up your claim. It knows because I use everything form the same Google account. One can always use google finance with, then android with, google doc with so that google can't directly tie all your accounts and activities into one single page on google dashboard.

Because you're signed on to Google with single account, it knows you are the one performing those activities.

The same happens whether you're on Yahoo, Microsoft Live or any other web portals.

Do those portals give you the transparency Google Dashboard gives you?

Like I've told you, live the way OBL did and feel better about yourself. You have been giving concents to business and services that you deal with already. And guess what, I'm only giving out information knowingly and unknowningly in the US, while you're giving information away all over the world with you travelling so much and pee in so many different countries - all without the act of Google.

Use credit card much?

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