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AT&T Samsung Galaxy S2

I have a new T&T Samsung Galaxy S2, and have been trying to get it to work reliably in a 2008 (e60) 528i without navigation. Its been a struggle. For a while it would not reliably connect (it when it had already been paired and previously working). From what I can tell, if it wont connect you can usually go into Settings>Applications>Running Services and kill both "Bluetooth PBAP" and "Bluetooth Share" and the Galaxy will start connecting (usually after about 2 minutes). Once connected, the phone book downloads perfectly and I do not have any further problems maintaining the connection.

What I am really struggling with is that anyone I call hears me fine when I am speaking, but they get a "wind tunnel" whooshing background sound whenever I stop speaking. The sound gets very loud as the car is moving faster and is really making the phone difficult to use (the car windows are closed, and the interior is actually pretty quiet except for some road noise). I'm starting to think it might be a microphone or echo cancellation problem with the car. The Galaxy has a "Noise Suppression" feature (you can enable it during a call), but it is not possible to enable it when using Bluetooth.

Would love to hear if anyone else has struggled with this and figured out a way to stop the problem.
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