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I just got the CTEK 3300 today, i ordered it yesterday with free shipping, it was at my door today, total was around $60

the terminals at the jumper posts in the engine bay make it really convenient.
I removed the plastic cover from the terminal connection for the + post. Removed the 10mm nut, put the ring terminal on it, then buttoned it back up.
For the negative lead, i used the designated - post on the inside of the fender. I found a metric machine bolt that fit inside the threaded post and used a lock washer, installed the ring terminal onto the bolt and tightened into the - post.

I was hoping for a solution that would put the car side of the connection at the grill where i would not have to open the hood to make the connection. but snaking the lead to the grill looked like a PITA, i might do it later down the road. also the esthetics of having the plug behind the grill might bug me.

i ended up spinning the connection 180 degrees after i took this photo

great thread, thanks for all the ideas here

2011 328 xi coupe

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