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Just cause you "can't find it anywhere" doesn't mean it's fact....- it's part of smartphone integration - it uses the car antenna - taught at every BMWNA sales training meeting on apps that each dealer went thru in 2011.

and correct - MOG has nothing to do with the cradle - the media cradle has been used since apps started.

From the sales training bulletin given to all dealers in August 2011:

Full integration of BMW Apps
1. Full iPhone charging
2. Improved reception by using the car's external antenna
3. A fan to ensure normal operating temperature of the
iPhone, thus reducing the likelihood the phone will go
into "failsafe" mode (which prevents proper charging)
4. Video playback
- Must be a video clip uploaded via iTunes, not a video shot using the phone's video camera
5. PlugIn "iPod out" functionality
- Provides the look and feel of an iPod in the iDrive
display, with full iPod control via iDrive
o Allows for the use of Genius playlists, as well as the
creation of new Genius playlists within

and the actual doc from that training class:

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