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Originally Posted by drivinfaster View Post
ken, do you still play atari?? or have you stepped up to colecovision??

No, it died long ago. Never had Colecovision. Isn't that some sort of medical exam?

Originally Posted by TechieTechie View Post
I remember when my older brother played Atari's Raiders of the Lost Ark for such a long period of time, that the game actually self destructed. Characters half formed, weird messages, background scenery that was deformed. It was pretty cool. When the game Simon came out, we thought it was da BOMB....something that lit up and made sounds was pretty cool. And YES, Ken, I loved Pong!!!!

Kids these days ;-)
My wife and I had an Intellivision II and a few games. PONG was one of them. We'd set it to the highest speed and ROFL because we were so bad at it. I loved the poker/blackjack, and Mouse Trap (I hated the auto racing game....SO lousy) but her big thing was Space Armada. She played that so much she wore out a controller. She got to the 18th level many times.

Originally Posted by jonesin View Post
I am just old enough to have had pong, an atari and colecovision!

I still say Mr. Do was one of the top games of all time.

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Weird. I've never heard of Mr. Do. We recently found a game DVD for PCs that has all the old Atari games on it. Now my daughter is into those oldies.
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