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Background on the situation: Last april fools my aunt got me really good. the old manager at my job was resigning and a new one was being put into the store. She knew that i recentally got written up and having been being with the company for 17 years she knew she could mess around and not get yelled at so she did. She put my check in the office and she printed out a piece of paper that said : Due to the change in management people that have recentally been written up are going to be on a probation period for 6 weeks with the MAXIMUM of 15 hours a week. Sorry for any inconvience this causes" i read the whole thing and started flipping out like what the **** is that **** i have to get another job and everything. like i was pissed and yelling at the manager who kept her cool quite well.... my aunt then walked up to me and said April fools bitch. and i knew right away like **** i forgot which day it was........ EERRRGGGG. Emily was waiting in the car so i peaced out fast knowing like i was just pranked pretty damn good.

My prank thats going to be on her next april she will NOT top. this is my plan.

Im going to see if she works on that day. im going to pay a tow truck driver to go to friendlys and "tow her car" for what ever reason. Im going to fill someone in at friendly's about it.. and have then "go outside to smoke a cig" then they are going to go tell her who is working inside that her car is getting towed. i plan to be sitting in the passanger seat. hood up and her not reconizing me. her coming out and FLIPPING out on the truck driver and the driver saying like we are forced to repo it... (its fully paid for) and have paper work saying its all correct and everything. correct vehicle. shes going to flip out possibly cry and everything. Then i get out of the truck and BAM april fools bitch.