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Originally Posted by ZeGerman View Post
Yeah, that's exactly what I need. If you are willing to send me one, that would be great, but if you would have to order another when it comes time to do your work (i.e. you don't have extras), I wouldn't want to take it from you.
I don't really "need" them, I just ordered them because I figured it was cheap insurance against having to pay shipping to get a couple if I broke one. I'm sure I'll order something else from ECS before I get around to really tearing into the body work so if I decide I want more of them it won't be a problem. I also have a metric ass ton of the little rubber grommets that go on the clips, so if you need some of those I can toss a few in as well. PM me your mailing address and I'll let you know what it'll cost for me to ship them.
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How do you outcrazy a dude that lifts his engines without a hoist?