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Originally Posted by ukfigs View Post
... Found the drain tube inside but could not see how to get to the rear drains from the outside, finally I cut the tube and blew it out and it now drains fine. Question is how do I keep the tube clear, what do other do (and how) to vacuum the tracks and keep debris out of them which will also hopefully prevent the sunroof operational problems mentioned...
That's about it: keeping the roof cassette gutters clear of debris as much as possible should keep the lines clear. Vacuum and/or wipe (with a damp rag) the gutter when you wash the vehicle.

The rear outlets for the drains seem to be something of a mystery that BMW closely guards... If you ever find them, let the rest of us know where they are...

A word of caution about blowing out those lines: using too much pressure (e.g., shop air) can rupture them down inside the bowels of the vehicle, leading to water leaks somewhere else. Just be careful. One forum member suggests using some nylon line from a 'weed whacker,' and snaking it down through the drain holes to dislodge any trapped debris. And you cut the drain line...?

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