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Originally Posted by jatbeni View Post
Well - I have the Goodyear NCT's as the RFT and the Michelin X-Ice XI2 non-RFT's as the winter setup. I am more inclined to go non-RFT with my summer's once the Goodyear's run out.

No matter how good the RFT's are, I just don't believe that they will ride as well as the non-RFT's. Just by belief... based on the product brief handed out to RFT tires.

I am more inclined to carry a donut spare - for long distance journeys. Currently, I would throw in the summer or winter as a spare, when I travel out of town, but that ends up taking too much space in the small boot. But most of my driving is within the city, so I am completely comfortable with a regular tire and no spare.
Yeah, no doubt about it: RFTs are a compromise, even with the improved current generation. If I didn't have a "better half," I'd probably do the same thing.
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