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Well - Norway may be special then in that either the non-RFT's are overpriced, or the non-RFT's are priced to compete.

Here in the US - for my winter setup, the Bridgestone RFT's are about 30% more than my non-RFT Michelins. Also, I could only find the performance winter tires in the RFT version, whereas, I can find both performance and more extreme studless ice and snow versions. I wanted the latter... I was thinking of the extreme case, where I want maximum possible grip in the worst conditions... I am sure Hakka makes a tire that is both RFT and studless ice and snow... but that tire would run at least double.

But the price is only half the story...

By all anecdotal evidence, the RFT's have about half to 2/3's the service life of the non-RFT's. I hear most people with RFT's change their tires around the 20K mark. On the other hand, I can expect my non-RFT's to last at least 30K miles... and perhaps upto 40K.

So what do I give up? Some peace of mind about surviving a scary situation where the tire blows out... but even there, the jury is out on whether the RFT's are more susceptible to a blow out when you hit a pothole of a big bump (due to its stiffer side walls) then the more compliant non-RFT's. Given the road conditions around Chicago, my belief is that, this could be a significant factor, and I take that into account while driving. I am more careful about potholes on RFT's then when I am not on RFT's.

As far as getting a puncture is concerned... I have had one in the last 8-9 years. So - a slow leak is a total non issue. The pressure monitor will give me enough of a heads up!

What do I gain... a better ride (and I am not comparing a 30 or 35 aspect tire - choosing that sort of tire already identifies you as one who cares less about the ride; what I am talking about is a 45 or 50 aspect tire with some sidewall - in which case, there is a noticeable difference between a RFT and a non-RFT). Also - the tire is much cheaper in the long run, and I get a lot more choice... and any shop will fix it, in case of a leak.
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