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Originally Posted by moneymike View Post
so out of the list how much of that stuff has to do with the motor? and some of you sound 100% sure while others seem to think there might be a chance...

I can tell you from a cold start it runs better in the mornings or when I start it cold...I don't smell any exhaust and I'm not losing any coolant
The chances are slim. I'm amazed that you're not losing coolant. Nevertheless, here's what you need to do:
1) Flush the coolant. Look at it; if there is oil or other contaminants, you're toast.
2) Pressure test the cooling system. If it doesn't hold pressure, there's a leak somewhere. Not losing coolant VOLUME isn't a guarantee of the engine being intact.
3) Change the oil - it was under incredible stress as it was the only thing cooling the engine. It's toast. Again, inspect the old oil, filter and drain plug. If there are metal shavings-bits-filings, you're probably toast.
4) Do a compression test. Do a leak-down test. This will show if you have bad rings/cylinders or burnt valves.
5) Have someone check the oil pressure (you need a real guage and hose to connect to the system.) If low or high, may indicate bad bearing or turned bearing (which is the likely noise heard when pulling into the drive - might also be bad kingpin.)

If all that looks "ok", you may be ok. The operative word is "may", as these engines don't like being overheated AT ALL. However, it's not unheard of to hear of abuse like this and having them last for some time. The engine's lifetime has been adversely affected at the minimum.
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