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X5 vs X6

Having had an X5 and just now picking up an X6 - I would say there is no comparison in terms of style or ride. Style speaks for itself and on the ride - you need to go and drive one to appreciate.

I think it comes down to what your needs are particularly in the room dept where the X5 wins. If you want something more exclusive, then the X6 is the clear winner. Tons of X5's on the road and imho looking dated despite the facelifts. The X6 looks fresh and different.

I've been driving a RRS and 2011 335i convertible where I was trying to satisfy my desires and real life needs, I realized that 90% of the time it was just me in the vehicle and only very very occasionally did I need to load 5 pax + gear for a longer road trip (basically once a year if that). Having said that my 335i sat idle for 90% of the time as it just didn't quite have what I needed for being on the road 20-24 days a month in hotels.

I revisited my decision and decided to dump both in favor of the X6 5.0 which I can enjoy every day, have some sportiness whilst still enjoying the utility of a SUV, which whilst tight in the back for 3 adults, will carry 3 as often as I need to without complaint.

For my situation, I'm happy and right now you got to love the resale/residuals on the X6.
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