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Thanks to added value by Bomb5 today in this thread:
- M54 vacuum tubing ... what diameter ... what brand ... what material ... what length?

... we, for the first time (that I know of), have an in-situ picture of the three M54 engine vacuum endcaps that are listed in the parts list but (frustratingly) are not shown in the diagrams!

Originally Posted by bluebee View Post
Based on what we found in post #20 here, out of the two, three, or four endcaps reputed to be in the E39, here's the best I can do so far without additional help:
  • This diagram loosely intimates there is one capped vacuum port:
  • This diagram outright says there are three capped vacuum ports:
    • Engine => Intake manifold => Intake manifold system
    • #15, Cap, D=3,5MM, Qty=2, 11611437560, $3.39 (between 1/8" & 9/64" ID)
      • One of these is probably for the CCV valve vacuum port on the M54
      • The other 'may' be if the M54 does not have an air pump, then it would cap off that vacuum port in the back of the engine where #7 hose would go in the "Air pump F Vacuum Control" diagram.
    • #17, Cap, D=7,0MM, Qty=1, 11611727176, $3.39 (between 17/64" & 19/32")
      • This clearly is the rear vacuum port behind the sucking jet pump on my M54
Originally Posted by Bomb5 View Post
I believe that I found the 3 end caps ... See the attachment.

EDIT: Steve530 added additional pictures showing the SAP electrical valve taking one of the hoses that appear to be capped above:
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