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Originally Posted by alexsih View Post
Hi EE,

I've used the EQX a long time ago in the late 80s. It's a neat piece. I fed it with a pink noice generator and used the EQ to get as close to flat as I can but bumped up the low end as the lows tend to get drowned out by road noise.

What I'd like to know, is the spkr out from the e83 head unit full range, because I think the EQX mainly has a pair of spkr inputs and probably not a summing function as lc6i. Do you know.

I'd love to see your diagram on how you would wire this.

I thought I read somewhere that there was a wee amp that comes stock to drive the mid bass, so I'd leave that alone if I can to conserve resources (aka money), and just feed the front or rear spkr level to the EQX. a niggling feeling behind my head wants to use the lc6i to clean up the signals to feed the EQX irregardless, but the pocketbook is objecting.

The speakers under the front seat are really not that bad. Its the amp that is crud. So I wouldn't cost cut there. I powered them with a seperate Alpine until I got the Boston Acoustic 10 inch and that is when I did the three way crossover set up. Mind you I am using an Alpine HU.

I am not sure what the output of the e83 is as and to test it I would have to bench it with a 12 volt and set up a test rig. Sorry, but house is on the market and making a mess is not an option right now.
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