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Originally Posted by JimD1 View Post
I live pretty close to you outside Columbia, SC. I haven't driven my 2009 128i vert (w/sport) on snow or ice with the performance tires. I only drive it about 7,000 miles a year and just take the SUV on the rare bad weather days. The differences between tires seems to depend on the specific tires being tested but here is a link to one article where the summer tires are particularly bad:

I plan to buy Continental DWS ultra performance all seasons for replacement soon (spring). They will be measurably worse than snow tires in snow/ice but I can drive maybe 5 mph slower to compensate. They also seem to give most of the cornering capability of the summer tire according to the tire rack test results. Seems like a good compromise for those of us with very mild winters. Two sets of tires would be better but seem like overkill to me. My car is not my limitation in bad weather around here - it is other drivers.
Under your climate conditions it might work with all season tires those rare days during winter. However I would be concerned about not getting the best out of the cars fine tuned handling and curve qualities with second class tires (compared to summer tires).

The test you linked to was done with a Honda Civic (FWD!), a good little car but totally without that extra that made you buy a BMW.

Changing wheels twice a year is done in minutes. Or leave the car at home those difficult days.

Just my point of view for what it's worth
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