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Yet another method was described today for immobilizing the water pump pulley while removing the fan clutch:
- E39 (1997 - 2003) > AUX Fan or AUX Fan Resistor

A tennis ball!

Originally Posted by Ed Cheung View Post
... Previously I used a tennis ball to jam the water pump pulley and the belt in order to loosen the fan clutch with a 32mm wrench ...

It works well in a rover v8, which has more space between the engine and the pulley than does the E39, so it is pretty easy to feed the ball in between the pulley and the belt right at the center. ... but have to place the tennis ball in the perfect position ...

I learned the tennis ball trick from Discoweb:
Originally Posted by discoweb
Apparently you can wedge an old deflated tennis ball in between the pulley and the belt on the correct side to stop it turning and then using the correct special tool....never tried it myself yet, but met a guy who's used the method for years!
Originally Posted by Ed Cheung View Post
But I was in a rush today, and just used a BIG flat head screwdriver, placed the tip on close to the edge of the fan clutch nuts and nailed it with a BIG hammer - and it popped right out!

The attached pic is the scaled down version of how I place the screwdriver on the nut

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