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Different tires on different wheels

I may have to post this in the tire section, but I'll try here first, being most are 1-series owners...

Driving a 128i with sport package. As most of you know, it has 225 rears and 205 fronts. The stock Goodyear NCT's (which I hate) are worn to the ware bars on the rear, but have at least 3/4 of their life left on the fronts. Since I loathe the Goodyears, I want them off the car, and so the rears will be replaced by something else, probably Conti Extreme DW non-rft. I know it is 'frowned upon' to have different tires front and rear, but how bad will it be to have one brand on rear and a different brand on front? Would it be better to swap out all 4, which I don't really mind, but the cheap man in me thinks it's a waste of a good tread? If I could rotate front to rear, that wouldn't be much of an issue, but alas...

Take your time replying, I'm swapping to winters tomorrow so I won't need to have these tires until April or so.

Thanks to all who will answer.
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