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Originally Posted by ResidentStrange View Post
Update on my lemon X5d: Well so after a month of nothing...the dealer offers me a "trade assist" that would cost me 6K to get into a new 2012 X5d. Considering they've fixed the same thing 5 times in 2 years, seems I'm lemon law qualified I was expecting something a little better - last thing I want to do is spend more money to get out of this problem. Seems they don't use the state way of calculating use - they quadrupled the mileage from my first occurrence to drastically reduce my trade value - they're using 30 days in the shop mileage vs. first occurrence - this common? They are not offering a buy back.

So is this typical for BMW in these deals - offer you something crummy...then what?

They also threatened me if I mentioned arbitration they'd shut the door and send me to customer service to deal with - whatever that means.

Not impressed with BMW customer service with these lemon deals at this point...makes we want out of the brand more than ever.

Any advice to speed this along to a favorable resolution would be appreciated.
You don't recognize the basic 'disconnect' between the dealer/sales side and the lemon process....

This is being done by the DEALER... perhaps with help from BMW field management...their job is to bully and intimidate you into going away and not lemoning the car. F- them

Just do a formal lemon buyback request cite the federal and state laws under which you are asserting your rights. Tell them them the mileage calc, the price you paid and the dollar amount you expect. Send a certified, return receipt letter to BMW Consumer Affairs (PM me for their fax number).... Point out that the failure of the dealer and BMW regional management to handle this in a fair manner has resulted in yet another lemon titled BMW. Point out that you have not retained counsel, but can do so if necessary- and that BMW will wind up paying your legal costs on top of the buyback amount.

Finally do not expect this to be fast nor is adversarial- you are trying to 'unbecome' a customer. Know that you will prevail, press your case, do not expect help. TELL them what you want, TELL them what they owe you, TELL them why you are right. Don't ask. Every step of the way, TELL them...

Good luck

Keep it as simple as possible...but no simpler.

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