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Originally Posted by zeebmw View Post
Hi Gerry, u seem knowledgable, I had a problem today with my tranny, I was in Reverse rolling back, then I put it in Drive, and gased it quickly, it didnt move, then engaged with a clunck, then as if it was in 2nd gear instead 1st, then the message Tans. program failure appeared, no check engine light or anything, I decided to go in manual mode, at first it did the same thing, then it worked, then I thought I will program the trainny by using manual mode, but after driving it for a while, put it back in regular automatic mode, it worked fine, except one time I was almost stopping, and I had to move fast, the clunk happened again. works fine in manual mode. never tried sports mode though. any ideas Gerry?? thanks
Hi Mate

Trans Fail Prog means the gearbox electronic gears from 1 -4 will not be selected by the main gear computer, BMW X5'S WERE BUILT WITH A FAIL PROOF GEAR ( 5TH GEAR ) when the gearbox components fail and trans Fail Progrm appears then the electronic gears 1- 4 shutdown and the car puts itself into 5th gear because it knows there is a problem.

Trans Fail Progrm,,,,can mean several points,,,but first can you tell me what is your mileage / kms on the car, do you drive it hard ? was the car just warmed up, or cold start when the problem started, have you lost your kickdown, try putting the car on a hill, shut the engine off and restart to see what happens, the clunk you have experienced is the torque converter and the stator not sychronising with the clutch possibly due to wear, if you can take it for a drive both in auto sports first and manual and try dropping the gears to see what happens.

Let me know how it goes so that i can advise further, once we can narrow down the options then i can more or less diagnose the fault,

This is my email if you need any further info
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