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Originally Posted by zeebmw View Post
Hey Gerry, first thanks for your time to help people
I was driving the x5 for at least 100 miles when this happened, seeing my mailbox while in the car, tried to take off quickly, and it happened. As far as miles I have 90k miles on it, I do drive it as supposed to, but one time I put it in manual mode when I first got it, and I stayed on 1st gear and tried to shift the +/- in the opposite direction, to the front thinking it is +, which ended up staying long on first, that's the only thing I remember I did wrong with it, the previous owner was my friend, and knowing how he drives, he might be a harsh driver especially that this is a sport package too, the big wheels might hurt it more, but today I will try the things u gave me to narrow the problem down, just to let u know that the car is driving fine, only in certain places this happens. I will try it today and get back to u, thanks
Hey Zee

Yea no probs about you coming back to me, try the things i said as they all point to certain parts of the gearbox components, one thing iam sure of is that your gearbox will be fine, they are practically bullet proof and should never need replaced, there is a small particle filter inside the gearbox that usually needs replacing around your mileage, but try out first so we can narrow it down


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