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Me again, I found out something, it happened again while I was in reg auto, it was running nice till about to stop and then u go, that when it always happen, and when it happens, whatever u put s mode or manual, the first gear will rev high but slow motion, then engages with a clunk for 1st gear, and as long as u start from standstill, it won't happen, except rolling then gas in reg aut mode, but it will never happen in s mode or manual, unless u were in reg mode then when it happens, no matter what mode u put iT in while moving, it won't reset till u u release ur foot off the gas pedal till it engages with a clunk depending on how hard u were on the pedal, but again it won't happen if u started on s mode or manual.hppefuly this will give u a better idea for diagnostics. Regarding the filter change can an Indy mechanic do it or it needs special tools, and how would the mechanic know how much oil to refill if i changed the filter, sorry for troubling u that much Gerry, but I guess u r close to know what is wrong. I tried the 3rd gear in manual mode it is fine.
Thanks a bunch!
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