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Originally Posted by zeebmw View Post
Hi Gerry,
thanks a lot for your valuable input, the truck is really in mint shape and it is definitely worth fixing, but it is going to be expensive I guess, I took it to the mechanic yesterday and he will tell me the NEWS, yesterday as you said it went to failsafe program mode, no more drivable I think rebuilding the gearbox is better option than fitting a used one, as I could have the same problem down the road, I wanted to ask u, is it a good idea to change the chain or belt whatever it is in the, being the gearbox is out?
and can a talented mechanic do the job without the dealers tools like for codes and stuff?
thanks in advance
Hi Zee

Remember I said the gearbox will not need to be replaced or rebuilt,,it will not be at fault,, it will be the internal components that drive the box,,ie clutch, gear sensor, torque converter, stator, dont be conned or fooled by anyone telling you that you need a rebuild.

Ref the timing chain, unless the chain is rattling or knocking upon starting the car for roughly 3-5 seconds then i would leave it alone as the chains are not known for failure at all, if you keep regular oil changes and use fully synthetic oil then the chain will last the life of the car and engine. if your mileage is over 150ks then twice yearly oil changes dependant on your daily commute will be good for the timing chain, it is an easy job for a mechanic, but a modest diyer,,,,not so easy and would be best left to someone with experience. a timing chain is not expensive,,if you wanted to change it, make sure you purchase new tensioners as well,,,,

If its not too late already try and get your mechanic to do a reprogramme on the gearbox to see if its an electrical fault with the gearbox sensor, also ask him to check the sensor it is located on the left /right hand side bottom rear of the gearbox,check the connection and terminals for corrosion wear.

Heres how to do a gearbox reprogramme,,,,,,,,

Step 1,,,,,,,,,press gas pedal
sep 2,, turn key to position 2 ( dont start the car ) whilst holding the gas pedal for 30seconds

Step 3 ,,,,, release the pedal then press again for 10seconds

Step4,,,turn vehicle on and see if there is any changes,,,this is desigbed to work with older vehicles


Step 1,,,,,,put key in position 2

Step 2,,,,,,,,hold pedal for 30seconds

Step 3,,,,you should hear a noise indicating the process has worked

Step 4,,,,,, turn vehicle on,,,,this process is designed to work with newer vehicles


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