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Originally Posted by zeebmw View Post
thanks alot Gerry
I wont do anything without consulting u anyway, just to see what the mechanic will say, as he is a friend. he works on American made cars, but he is really good , and I will have him do the labor with whatever needed, clutches, sensors, etc...
Im not going to spend crazymoney at the dealer
in my previous post, I asked u if I would change the belt or chain in the transfer case, if I took the gearbox out, not the motor timing chain, so what do u think, and what mileage do transfer cases need to be serviced, and what symptoms are usaully for worn transfer cases? thanks!
Hi Zee

You can buy good quality oem parts that would be much cheaper than the dealer.

Now for the tchain in the transfer box

The transfer case chain is a relatively simple job to do even with the gearbox attached, the causes for chain wear is if you experience a loud cracking noise when giving torque ( power to the car, or when you move away froma dead stop you will hear a cracking noise, the chain comes in two types, if your car is year 1990 -2002 then you would need a LX500 CHAIN WITH ONE BLUE LINK, if you are 2003- onwards then you would need THE ATC500 WITH 2 BLUE LINKS, if you remove the transfer case ( usually takes abt 20mins ) you will see the chain, and planetary gear,the chain is held in by a spring clip which tightens the chain upon removal and refitting, if you are experiencing no noise then again the chain is built to last the lifetime of the car, usually ppl who off road there car in mud etc have problems with the chain, a good oil flush with ATP tranns oil would be goos for the chain and gear, if you go with the oil flush, the fill plu is at the rear and the drain plug towards the gearbox, the transfer box will require one drain, then refill, then drain and refill again, this is designed to rid of any particles with the new finer oil,the importance of transfer oil is not to overfill,,,,,literage is roughly 200ml abt 0.2 litre to fill


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