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Originally Posted by AutoUnion View Post
Actually no. Quattro is the best, with xDrive right behind it.

The issue with Acura SHAWD is that I'm worried about the longevity of the AWD system. The rear wheels are overdriven (geared for a higher rotation speed than the front) and the system uses partially engaged rear clutches to normalize the rotation speed. They do that so while turning, the outer wheel can fully engage for the effect of actively increasing yaw. So, I'd be worried about that personally, and I'd make sure that rear differential had its fluid properly maintained by POs.
Quattro is marketing ploy for Audi fans. Both Xdrive and SH-AWD video comparison tests speak for themselves. As far as the reliability of SH-AWD, people have gotten over 120,000 miles so far on this system without any problems. Acura wouldn't design something that wasn't reliable. Eventually, clutch packs will wear and need replacement, but how many people keep their cars for 200K miles? Yet Audi's reliability issues run the whole gambit of problem areas.

If reliability is truly a a concern, Audi is not the way to go. Just look any consumer reports auto issue. Acura's, in generally are highly recommended vehicles. If SH-AWD was a concern, then those vehicles wouldn't be recommended.

FYI - The new X3 seems to be a champ in the reliability department as well. Check out the December 2011 consumer reports issue. It looks like their most reliable vehicle pin their line-up!
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