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Originally Posted by AutoUnion View Post
This made me chuckle.

The Torsen Quattro setup in the Q5/Q7 is superior to the systems in the X3/5 (not X5M) due to the fact that it is completely mechanical, not to mention, purely maintenance free. Faster response times, same torque split. The xDrive in these SAVs are more electrical and "take some time" to engage in bad climates. I exclude the X5/6 Ms because they have a torque vectoring rear diff like Audi sport-diff cars.

I'm really looking forward to putting xDrive to the test this winter to compare to my old Q7's Torsen system. It just needs to snow soon
-I can't speak to the xDrive's reaction time when off-roading in our X3 yet, but on the track it vectors torque nearly instantaneously. The average BMW driver wouldn't even notice it operating, just a lack of understeer under throttle. I've thrown ours into some turns purposefully too fast and xDrive was able to uncouple the outside front wheel to regain grip while under-rotating the inside rear - quickly enough that it turned a fully blown corner into being able to hit the apex (albeit at the wrong slip angle). In my solo test drive of the Q5 it was WAY slower to torque vector than the X3 on the same test loop. By the time the Q5 figured things out the corner was over.

I also really like our X3's active suspension. In the fore-mentioned hard corners I could feel it modifying corners' bump and rebound independently to keep the X3s body motions in check.

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