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Why can't BMW just go back to simple engineering? M54 engine, simple engineering compared to N52/54/55 motors. Where is the option for idrive delete? Damn aluminum suspension tension rods and other aluminum suspension components, go back to something that doesn't require replacements every 100k miles or make it out of titanium if you want the lightest and smallest suspension components, or at least make them beefier/bigger out of aluminum so they last longer. Electronic water pump? I'd rather have a mechanical belt driven water pump, so what if I get 1mpg less, won't mean spending $600 for a new water pump when it goes bad. What happened to the door mounted hvac vents like the E34/E39, go back to that design. The car was designed for smokers in mind, door mounted hvac vents is brilliant where you can have the windows slightly open with the heat on full blast while driving in cold weather and your hands would be kept warm by those door vents. What happened to only using forced induction on diesels? What happened to manual only on M cars, and only naturally aspirated high revving motors? I don't want the whole front fascia of my car to be one cheap plastic piece (thanks BANGLE) same with the rear of my car, I prefer having a real bumper on both sides of my car along with a grille integrated into the hood, not the cheap grille front fascia crap.

Also thanks for cutting costs on a seal for my torque converter guaranteeing it goes bad, yes we know BMW's should only be manual, and how much you used to hate automatics (ironic that most automatic BMW's were for American market during pre-Bangle/idrive era). Complete 180 from the BMW I used to know, who hated automatics, didn't care about stuffing all sorts of technology into their cars like Mercedes or Lexus/Acura, didn't care that their cars were too small for American tastes, didn't care that Americans who couldn't drive a stick didn't buy their M cars because they weren't the types of drivers meant for an M car or a real BMW anyway.
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