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Follow up.......need advice

I've been waiting for over three months to have my head replaced on my 528i as referenced here in my prior post ( The mechanic emails me today and says that the head is completely assembled and the car has been running fine for a week, no overheating whatsoever...(FINALLY, YIPPEEE!!!) However there is another issue he says that he wasn't aware of. Rough idling and misfiring in the second cylinder. He says that the constant overheating has destroyed the piston rings there. Now....for the interesting options would be for him to go back in and replace the rings (he says this is a 50/50 shot because there could be more problems than just that), replace the whole "bottom" (short block?) of the engine, or get my car as is. Choices, choices, choices. I have a few questions that I need help with here great Bimmerfest folks:

1. Is he correct with what he's saying about replacing the rings? He stated it wouldn't be cost effective and I'm thinking this is something he should have checked with the whole head replacement. Am I right or not?

2. What could I expect to pay to have the "bottom" of the engine replaced? Does this option sound viable and also cost effective? I guess cost is in the eye of the beholder, so to speak, but I want to make sure this would be the best option for the situation.

3. What does a non working cylinder mean in terms of performance, driveability, long term damage, etc.??? He's telling me that he's driven cars without one or two cylinders properly working and once the car is running, there are no noticeable signs of a problem. I just figured when it comes to cars, if they put it in there, it was meant to work and that means this should be working, not just something I should just accept and drive on. Honestly speaking, I've had it since February and only driven it about a month's time. I'm itching to really break it in, and want it back ASAP, but not half way done.

I know this got lengthy, but I would appreciate any help and constructive opinions.


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