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Hello rtgirard: Thank you for writing. I am happy to learn your wife does not have the same problem as me though her driving pattern is identical to mine. It is very frustrating. People here have been very patient and helpful. I am very thankful for that.

On the other hand, I am very puzzled and getting all confused (inside my head) becos that is what some people been saying here in the forum and of cos the service center, ie Driving in the city or not putting the car on highway or not driving the car far = battery not charged up = "Increased Battery Discharge" Some people seem to have such problem but some lucky ones like Sunny5280 and your wife have no such issue.

Your suggestion is good. I don't think anyone has suggested your "There's either a module that's not shutting down and causing a drain, OR, the original battery registration is incorrect and the car isn't charging the battery correctly while you're driving." I will bring these possibilities up when I head to the service center next week. Then again, it is outright obvious I know nothing about cars, and I am at the mercy of the BMW service center. I know many female drivers are really knowledgeable about their cars, unfortunately I am not one of them and I am sure the BMW service guys know.

What is an independent BMW shop? You mean an auto shop? I wonder if places like Pepboys can test battery. Oh, someone suggested a digital voltmeter cos I want to test the battery if it is holding the charge. With a digital voltmeter, is the test the same like what you have suggested? I know experts in this forum like to say Indy, what exactly is Indy? I am trying to create a detailed log for the car battery but I am just too swarmed with things to do this week and next. I believe I already hit 100miles just these 3 days (M-W) but my sales person "at least 200 miles" is not encouraging at all.
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