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Originally Posted by rtgirard View Post
Ok... i just read through this thread and I'm convinced that Terri's problem is one of two things:

1 - The battery is defective


2 - There is a problem with the car

My wife has virtually the same driving pattern as you do, Terri. Our 328 has never once been hooked up to a trickle charger and frequently goes weeks without being driven outside a 5 mile radius, and we've never seen a battery discharge warning (if my wife had experienced this, believe me, she would have let me know).

I realize this is not necessarily a cheap answer, but if you can, I'd suggest you take it to an independent BMW shop and ask them to test the battery. If it fails, then great... you've got an answer. If it passes, then I'd pay the Indy for his/her time and head back to the dealer. There's either a module that's not shutting down and causing a drain, OR, the original battery registration is incorrect and the car isn't charging the battery correctly while you're driving.

It's very possible I've missed a post when someone has ruled these possibilities out, but I really think your driving pattern isn't to blame. We've been putting < 200/week on our car for almost 24 months without a problem.

Good luck!
After 5 Pages... Yes!!!!

RT: My driving patterns are very similar you yours (and your wife). In fact I easily only put 100 -150 miles per week on my 328 Cabrio (at 28 months of ownership I'm just shy of 16K). I am careful about not opening the top excessively without the car engine running, but I've never ever ever gotten any battery drain warnings and that is with regular 7-10 day "time outs" (every 6-8 weeks between may and september) where the car is parked in the garage when we go on va-kay to Europe.

I think Terri has a bad battery. Or at least didn't get the "Stronger Electrical Supply" indicated on my Monroney sticker.

The more I read on this thread the more I'm thinking defective battery.
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