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Originally Posted by roadfrog View Post
OMG. I do NOT know where to start here.

OK.... First of all, the exhaust valves have nothing to do with this and I did not say anything about exhaust valves. It's the SECONDARY AIR passages in the heads! They are very small and coke up, especially if you have failing valves which push more carbon into them.

Furthermore, do you realize how many people here at Bimmerfest have replaced their ENTIRE secondary systems, including the "rubber hoses" you keep referring to? Y pipes, diverters, pumps, hoses, etc, ALL to no avail - the SES errors return. I realize you have only 13 posts and have perhaps not read alot of the info given here by others, but google/search it and see for yourself.

Also, regardless of what the sec system does (we all know what it does by the way)....if you have a fault code - or two in most cases, YOU WILL NOT pass emissions testing.

Lastly, DO NOT accuse me of BS'ing! I am in Law Enforcement, not vehicle repair, nor am I a vendor/sponsor. I have NOTHING to gain with this info.
Ok, I'm sorry, I just checked the design of n62 and they decided to blow the air into the combustion camera, so it does have passages between each other.Before they were injecting air into manifold, but injecting it directly into camera makes better combustion for sure. Good news it does not affect the engine, I'm wondering if you remove the check valve and clean the air port, thinking it gets clogged only in the beginning, but probably in every camera.... At least you will get good air injection in 4th and 8 cylinder, may be it'll be enough to pass?
But the main problem here is worn stem valve caps where the oil comes from into combustion camera, that's why it clogges the passages, it's not carbon buildup, but burned oil;((
But judging by number of posts is bot smart though if I post 100 posts about angel eyes or 22" rims, would it mean I'm technically good? I do have diploma from state polytechnic university in internal combustion engines, diesel major. 4.0 gpa. Perfect in solid works and autocad

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